Troy & Heights Animal Hospital is owned by Dr. Tejiner Sharma & Dr. Sunita Rani. They live in Troy with their two children and two dogs.

Dr. Rani graduated from Veterinary College in India in 1991. After working few years in India she moved to Australia with her husband. She worked in a research team in Department of Animal Science, University of Western Australia Perth for 4 years before moving to University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Dr. Rani has worked as a veterinarian in Canada and USA for last 12 years.  Dr. Rani is very kind, caring and passionate about animals.


Dr. Sharma has over 20 years experience as a veterinarian and is a highly trained surgeon with advanced training in endocrinology. He earned his DVM in 1988 in India, his PhD in 1999 in Australia and his post doctorate in 2002 at the University of Michigan. He has published many research papers. He specializes in hormone related diseases, such as diabetes, Addison’s and Cushing’s disease and thyroid disorders. He also has a special interest in soft tissue and bone surgeries. He is very experienced in performing surgeries for ACL injuries in dogs, luxating patella and bone fractures.


Dr. Sharma and Dr. Rani believe that continuing education is vital and they attend as many medical and surgical conferences, hands on training sessions and seminars as possible. They also believe in giving back, so they donate much of their time and services to many foster agencies, rescue groups and animal shelters.


Dr. Wendy Lynn graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. She joined our team at Blue Cross Animal Hospital Royal Oak in 2013 and now she also works at Troy & Heights Animal Hospital as needed. In addition to her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree Dr. Lynn has a Bachelors of Biology and Physiology as well as a degree in communication. She is passionate about client communication and client education. Dr. Lynn is enthusiastic about feline medicine. Outside of practicing veterinary medicine Dr. Lynn is an avid reader and is interested in herpetology